Opposites Attract

“Opposites Attract”opp

Just like masculine attracts femininity and feminine traits attract masculinity, we tend to see a trend of opposites attracting one another. Everyone has traits of both masculine and feminine features inside them. In the caveman days, men would go out for days at a time to hunt for food. They put much time and effort into this one purpose of killing their prey to take home to their family or woman. When he arrives back home, he presents it and awaits a response. Joy, admiration, and pride build for this man that brings home the food. It is accepted by the woman and she begins to see him as important and may even be a little impressed. This example, is an example of masculine and feminine traits working together to be attracted to each other.


Today, this proven concept is still the same. So why is does it appears to be more difficult to find a compatible mate in 2015? Take this example into consideration. Today, a man can give a gift to a woman or take her out somewhere and many times (although still thankful), women will try to repay or one-up the man’s efforts to please her. The problem with this is that the woman is displaying masculine traits towards a man also trying to show off his masculine traits. Men hate this and feel that their efforts are unappreciated when this happens. It’s often seen as competition as opposed to attraction. Now this isn’t an attempt to blame any one gender considering that both sides do it, just under different scenarios.


Because of the scenario given in the 2nd example, the man will find this unattractive and put his efforts elsewhere. Its as simple as that. The correct response, if your goal is to appear attractive through his eyes, is to just accept whatever gift is being given and show appreciation for it instead of being competitive. Many relationships, especially early on, are too focused on “one-upping” the other person that there’s no room for a real connection or attraction to form.

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