Hatred & Jealousy

One downside to changing your diet and lifestyle for the better is that some people around you might not be so quick to be supportive or happy to see you change. You will never be able to please everyone and it’s just a fact of life. Even if you are the nicest and best person you can be there will always be people out there that dislike you. 


If you ask someone who likes to put others down why they do it, they likely wouldn’t have a clear answer for you. Many times, when people make rude comments towards you or intentionally try to bring you down, there’s an underlying cause as to why they do it. Usually (but not always), people do it because they are having problems of their own in regards to relationships, finances, and self-esteem. Very often what happens is people will compare themselves to others and when they see someone better off than them, they become jealous.

So how do you combat it? What do you do when society is constantly making negative comments towards you in hopes you slip and fall or “fail” in some way? Well the first and most essential thing to do is not to try and return the negativity back towards them. This is the one sure way to escalate the minor disapproval of theirs into an argument. If you’ve been successful in some aspect that they aren’t able to be, return their disapproval with kindness and offer to help them reach their own goals. Not all will be accepting of this compromise, but you may be surprised when they come running back shortly after asking for your help and advice and you make new acquaintances.

If they aren’t budging and seem persistent on bringing negativity and arguments to you, the best (and also hardest) thing to do is to not acknowledge the negativity. Take the higher ground and don’t reply to it in any manner. This will stop the negativity dead in its tracks, you can’t have an argument with only one person! Letting go of the need to reply will make you feel so much more freedom you won’t regret it.

Look at the negativity and hatred that others bring you as an opportunity to improve yourself mentally, as opposed to taking it personally!

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