The HARDEST Challenge Anyone Could Attempt

Life Without Internet

Do you remember what it was like to be bored? Sitting home on the couch kicking your feet around with nothing but a few TV channels to watch. Most being repeats. I’m thankful for growing up without having the luxury of having a smartphone until my high-school years, and even then it was short lived before I abandoned it. Today’s kids will never know what it’s like to experience the feeling of being home without any virtual connection to their friends. No way of knowing what they were doing unless you picked up the phone and called them or rode your bike down to visit them.

It’s convenient isn’t it? Just being able to have access to an entire new world with a tap of your finger. A world with thousands of games, books, and people to connect with all without even having to leave your bed in the morning. Imagine that luxury suddenly being taken away without warning. Most of our kids would panic and not know what to do with themselves. Boredom would be a new experience for them. How sad is that?


Surprisingly that was less than 10 years ago. The first iPhone was only released in 2007 and many people didn’t even know what a smart phone was at the time. People were forced to be physically active and get things done. Conversations meant talking to people, not sending a text message. You never had that anxiety in the back of your mind “Do I have any unread Facebook notifications?”. We see these posts on Facebook saying “Would you go a month without internet for $1,000”. Why does money have to be our motivation? Why can’t people try it just for the simple fact that it will lead to self-improvement.

My assumption is if I were to ask you all, less than 3% would be willing to ACTUALLY give it a shot. Just for a week. As convenient as it is, it’s also a problem. I guarantee that there are people out there that if they gave up their cell phone they would be able to achieve their goals, learn a new skill, or even get a better job. Even for just a month you will see DRASTIC changes.

We’ve come to the point where we even pick who we want to date by swiping left or right on an app, now if THAT isn’t saddening i’m not sure what is. I challenge you all to go just 1 week without ever opening that social media app on your phone. I make this challenge because I know you can’t do it. God forbid we go to a library and check out a book instead of using Google for once! To those who accept the challenge, Good Luck.

Prove me wrong. I encourage it.

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